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Take a dip on your layover

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Rooftop pool at the Hilton Dallas Airport (which airport)
Ever gone for a swim on a layover? It's one of the most relaxing, restorative and refreshing things you can do. While it's rare o find an airport with a pool (though they do eist), there are plenty of possibilities along almost any itinerary. Here are some spots to inspire;

Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport
Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport

Blue Lagoon (geothermal spa)
Blue Lagoon

Marriott Pool
Marriott at Tampa Airport

Casablanca Airport Hotel
Casablanca Airport Hotel

Saigon Park Hyatt
Saigon Park Hyatt (how close to airport?)

Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, Bangkok
 - good blurb, but try to get pic w people?

Massage by the pool
Massage by the pool at the Best Western at the
Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, 10 minute shuttle ride

The cream of the crop are airports with swimming pools listed among the airport amenities, and available to all guests who are willing to pay the admission fee. For example:

  • Singapore Changi International Airport swimming pool

Wesley in Fairmont Vancouver Airport
Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

Almost as good are hotels located inside airports, that are designed with a swimming pool. The best of the best include:
  • Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel - non-guests can visit the health club facility (fitness, pool, showers) for $18. That's almost as good as staying there!

A close runner up would be pool boasting hotel connected to the airport, such as by a covered walkway or moving sidewalk - no shuttle required.

But don't scoff the shuttle.

hotels with good pools make me happy
The Leeds Marriott Hotel is 18 km (11 mi) from the
airport, but that's not far if you feel like Shelley,
"Hotels with good pools make me happy.
I especially love it when I have enough time
to swim in them after airport stress."
If you're travelling via a major airport, check the hotels in the surrounding area. You might find that quick shuttle ride worth the reward.

To find nearby hotels with pools located near airports, just use your favourite hotel booking site, and select the swimming pool search filter.

A quick search for "hotels near Toronto Pearson Airport with swimming pool" brought 15 results, within a 5 kilometre (3 miles) radius.

Add another filter for airport shuttle, and the list is further narrowed down to 13 hotels near YYZ with a pool and shuttle, and Bob's your uncle!

Changi Airport Outdoor Pool, Singapore
Changi pool, try to get people

the Kempinski at Munich Airport
Kempinski Munich Airport

The best pool in Sevilla!
Camping by Seville Airport

Ian Drowning
Novotel Hotel at Brisbane Airport - rooftop pool with see through walls

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