Thursday, 26 February 2015

#TRAVEX #layover chat on Twitter

The many participants in the #TRAVEX layovers Twitter chat!
We were thrilled to be invited to join in on a Twitter chat yesterday with the #TRAVEX community of travel enthusiasts. The topic was... layovers!

These are the questions the #TRAVEX chat covered:
  • Q1: How do you keep yourself entertained during a layover?
  • Q2: Airports can be a nightmare. What’s your worst layover story?
  • Q3: Tell us about a fun layover.
  • Q4: If you could get stuck in any city in the world which one would you choose? Why?
  • Q5: Have you ever planned for a layover? What did you do?
  • Q6: Have you ever made friends with a fellow traveler during a Layover?
As we had only 30 minutes, it was a very lively discussion, and lots of tips, tricks and resources were shared.

To read the transcripts and read through the responses, stories and ideas, check out the #TRAVEX 2015-02-25 Recap transcript.

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