Saturday, 20 February 2016

A Portland layover - 3 stories

Beautiful Portland Oregon
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The best 6 hour layover - Shannon Brown
The MAX train from Portland Airport makes a layover in this funky time a breeze. Why not on the way to Hawaii?
One of the coolest parts of our recent trip to Maui was that we were able to fit in a stop to Portland, courtesy of a 6 hour layover in our itinerary. It was like two trips in one! We made plans to meet up with our dear friends in downtown Portland for lunch. Scott and I hopped on the MAX at the airport and enjoyed the 40 minute ride into downtown. Can I just tell you . . . being back in that city just puts a huge smile on my face and fills my heart... [read Shannon's story]

Love the layover: at play in Portland, Oregon - Stuck at the Airport
Harriet Baskas writes about airports and layovers all over the USA, but this time it's a coming home of sorts, when she stops by Portland...
It’s always a bit strange for me to spend time in Portland, Oregon. It’s the first city I lived in when I moved out west and it’s the city now portrayed in a fun and fractured way in the IFC show Portlandia and in Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors, a book that claims to describe “all that this magical, dreamy city has to offer.” This visit I was a guest of Travel Portland – and most definitely a tourist.. [read Harriet's story].

Layover in Portland, Oregon - Kaleidoscope Flux
Granted Ionatan's layover in Portland was on a Greyhound bus journey, but who said all layovers have to be associated with airport travel?
I was fortunate enough to experience a 5-hour layover in what has been routinely called America's greenest city. One of the world's most environmentally-conscious cities in terms of land-use planning, Portland represents a fascinating blend of traditional port-based industry with alternative lifestyles and liberal politics. As the third most populous city in the Pacific Northwest, Portland provides everything from historical landmarks to world-renown rose gardens. As a town built on port industry, it provides all the right grunge. Below are some photos from my layover; never have I been so happy to have to wait for a bus... [read Ionatan's story]. 

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