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A Brussels layover - 3 stories

Menneken Pis
Get your picture taken with the famous Menneken Pis!
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Do you have a layover in Brussels, Belguim on your horizon? Not sure what you can do with limited time? Here is sage advice from travellers who have done it:

Why you should stay in Brussels on your next layover! - Travestyle
Matin's tips for an overnight layover in Brussels includes suggestions for where to stay, and where not to, allowing you to learn from her mistake.
A 20 min train ride will take you to the heart of Brussels where you’ll be drowned in garish facades and exquisite architecture with plenty of Belgian delicacies to nibble on. I have to say my first impression of Brussels wasn’t so satisfying but as soon as I stepped foot in Place centrale I was head over heels!.. [read the story]
45 minutes in Brussels - Dripping with Passion
Charity may be a little more daring than most, squeezing in a quick waffle dash, with no room for error, but she does show what's posdible.
I figured I had enough time to get into the city to explore and eat a waffle and then back to the airport. I hurried as much as possible through customs and scurried to the train terminal and hopped on a train to Brussels central station. By the time I got to the center of the city, I had just 45 minutes before I had to turn around and go back again. It was a little crazy, but totally worth it... [read the story]
How to spend a layover in Brussels - Cultural Xplorer
Chanel offers practical tips for a short layover, including the city's secret spot for vista views and photo opps.
On my way from New York City to Amsterdam during my 2014 Euro-Trip, I had a short 10-hour layover in Brussels, Belgium. Despite having a short time frame to work with, I was able to get a lot of things accomplished and see everything on my list. The city is very easy to navigate and a lot the major sights are accessible by foot, which makes planing a trip to the city very convenient... [read the story]
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