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How NOT to spend a layover at Changi

A bottle of Jim Beam... or the world's best layover airport?
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Did you catch this one?

An Australian was charged a tidy sum after climbing onto Changi Airport Sky Train tracks. The low point was the final layover chapter for "Jim Beamed" (not his real name*) after he managed to drink himself into a stupor at a nearby pub while passing time between flights (read the full story).

We find it ironic that the only thing "Jim" could find to do on his layover at Changi was to hail a cab for a ride to the nearest pub. Singapore Changi International Airport was perhaps won more awards than any other airport in the world, and offers so much to do that it is a traveller's dream.

If Mr. Beam ever visits Changi Airport again ~ if they let him ~ we offer these alternatives:

Koi Fish at Changi
Hang out with the koi
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Changi Airport
Catch a game
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150921-3_SATS Premier Lounge_1
Chill with your own cone of silence
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Sleeping Chairs
Catch 40 winks
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Premium Lounge
Treat yourself to some zen time
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  • Take the airport's free city layover tour (tour details)
  • Go swimming in the Terminal 1 rooftop pool (why taking a layover dip rocks)
  • Kinetic Rain, a moving sculpture billed as the world's largest kinetic sculpture 
  • Walk the nature trail to see the butterfly garden, cactus garden, fern garden, orchid garden, koi pond, sunflower and light garden, fragrant garden, bamboo garden (there are lots of soothing places to sit back and relax, but no Jim Beam!)
  • Find one of the free rest areas and snag one of the specially-designed snooze chairs! 

  • Spend a few hours in an Ambassador Transit Lounge (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) - you'll find a gym, hair salon, massage, nap rooms and showers 
  • Or pop into a Plaza Premier Lounge for a more basic gym and shower set-up
  • Catch a flick at the movie theatre (Terminal 2) 
  • Get some work done in one of the 24 hour business centres (Terminals 1, 2 and 3)
  • Track down one of the airport's Xbox systems 
  • See if there is any Live lounge music being performed (available at times)
  • Locate a SingTel or Starhub payphone to take advantage of unlimited free local calls 
  • Go shopping - it's endless, and there's even a Changi Rewards Card
  • Check out the Aviation gallery 
  • Chill in one of the Prayer rooms (all terminals) 
  • If Jim was up for an adventure, he could have sought out local food the staff canteen at level 3M of the carpark next to Terminal 2 
*We couldn't resist...

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