Sunday, 17 April 2016

Rock Your Layover: Almaty

Kok Tobe Mountain, seen from Almaty
Have a layover coming up in Almaty, Kazakhstan? Wondering what you might be able to do with your time?

Here's a little inspiration. We've gathered the following stories from those who have experienced a layover in Almaty. Learn what they did, if it was worth it, and their tips.
* this reviewer has several good reviews of Almaty sights on Virtual Tourist

Top 10 Tours
Prefer to pre-plan? Here are our top picks.
1. The Best of Almaty with Green Bazaar
2. The Best of Almaty with Medeo Dam
3. Almaty Mountain Surroundings Tour
4. The Charyn Canyon Tour
5. Almaty City Tour
6. Almaty Today Walking Tour
7. Tamgaly Tas on Ili River with Petroglyphs
8. Tamgaly Petroglyphs Private Tour
9. Almaty City Private Tour
10. Private Almaty Grand Tour

A few freebies...
FREE walking tours, every Saturday! - Almaty Smart Tourism (great photos!)
FREE "robot" walking tour: Recent past of Almaty - Almaty Smart Tourism**
FREE "robot" walking tour: Old Center of Almaty - Almaty Smart Tourism
FREE "robot" tour of Museum of D.Kunayev - Almaty Smart Tourism
**These "robot" tours are via a smartphone app (rentals available)

Getting Out and About in Almaty
Almaty International Airport (ALA) transportation guide - IHateTaxis
Taking Public Transportation in Almaty, Kazakhstan - Wanderlusty

At the Airport
Prefer to stay at the airport? There's not a lot to do...
Almaty Airport Terminal Map
Services at Almaty Airport - IHateTaxis
Almaty Airport Review - Traveladept

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