Saturday, 2 April 2016

Travel gear: anti-pickpocket pants

Keep an eye on your wallet as you read this... and not just metaphorically. Though if you are on a layover as you are reading this, you could end up spending a bit if you kill time online shopping...

Clothing Arts Pickpocket-proof pants

Who doesn't want to foil the pickpockets? You do, especially if you are travelling to Europe. Clothing Arts has some cool new gear to help - here are a couple of reviews:

Reviewed on The Gadgeteer: Clothing Arts P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants - this review is thorough, with lots of close-up pictures. It will probably answer your questions before you ask them.

Reviewed on Johnny Jet: Travel Product of the Week: Pickpocket-Proof Pants - Johnny's review of whether the pants will help you give would-be pickpocketers the slip.

Bluff Works Pickpocket-proof pants

Reviewed on the Gadegeteer: Comfortable, pickpocket-resistant pants for work or travel - a review of a competing product, made by Bluff Works.

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